Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch – Day One Edition PS5 Game

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Your vacation at your aunts turns out to be far from what you expected. Your once grand family property has fallen into ruins, and you find yourself facing a huge challenge.How will you return your ranch to its former glory?Get caught up in a beautiful horseback adventure! Explore the vast wild stretches surrounding you, meet the residents of the peninsula and forge friendships. Discover the secrets hidden on the island, breed, tame and train horses each with their own strengths and characteristics and take part in thrilling races.?A horseback adventure in a captivating open world.Breed the finest horses according to their stats, characteristics, and colours.Personalise your ranch: build, improve and personalise your ruined ranch with a variety of buildings and decorations.Gather resources, meet new friends, and complete quests to save your familys legacy.

ISBN 34696559369

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