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With his Blaster Pistol raised in one hand and his other hand poised over a collection of Grav Charges, Din Djarin or The Mandalorian TM, is ready for action. Rocketing off the screen, propelled by his Jet Pack, this highly detailed bust sculpt of The MandalorianTM is captured in full Beskar SteelTM. Joining the Cable Guy range of collectable characters, The MandalorianTM can hold most types of gaming controllers and smart phones. The Rotating Entertainment Support Tray, or R.E.S.T, can spin all the way around the podium base, allowing fans to have the choice of which angle to display their favourite character from. He is now in your care. That is the way. The MandalorianTM phone, remote control and gaming controller stand / holder Compatible with most types of smartphones and console controllers, including the next-gen PlayStation 5 DualSense, Xbox Series S/X and all iPhones The perfect gift for all fans of The MandalorianTM series Officially licensed by Lucasfilm, styled on The MandalorianTM Approx 8.5′ tall and includes a 1.2m Type C Charging Cable

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